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Thanks to the best technologies you have now unlimited access to courses and academic programs with the best teachers. Society is changing fast, we create the courses you need to face all new challenges.

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Create your own node of people who wants to use knowledge for social change. Subscribe as a mentor and find a social organization, firm, or school that endorses you. All students will have the opportunity of learning by innovating by applying IBSER courses into solve problems and needs inside organizations and communities. Social change is possible when empowered citizens organize collective actions.

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Conquer freedom and autonomy

Find economic stability

Make an income for every active member of your node enrolled on our courses. IBSER allocates U$3.5 from every student in your node who enrolls in a course and participates in our ECOS leadership network. This is a collaborative model in which you obtain incomes while spreading knowledge and building a better world.

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Our courses

How does it work?

We believe that the main campus is not inside walls of schools or universities, but in the territory where we can practices everything we learn from theory. This is why our City Campus is a network of organizations, mentors, and students called the ECOS Network. Our City Campus is the only scalable and replicable model for learning by innovating into the XXI century skills. The City Campus model has four main elements:

  1. The students who enroll in every course and attend a weekly meeting inside the organizations led by a territorial mentor.
  2. The territorial mentors who are people capable of lead a group of students and find an organization that endorses him and his node. Territorial mentors receive every week a “mentoring guide” so they can guide the students in their nodes into practical solutions to social problems based on what they just learn in the online course. Each territorial mentor has the responsibility of having two weekly meetings, one with the students of his node, and one with his city campus mentor.
  3. The organizations endorse the territorial mentors and their nodes and provide at least a weekly space for the meetings. These organizations could be schools, universities, private companies, youth groups or community organizations, among others.
  4. The city campus mentors are the ones who help the territorial mentors in their endeavours and act as a direct link between IBSER and the students through the territorial mentor. They also transfer the mentoring guides in a weekly basis according to the path of every online course.
How to start earning money now?

Sign In as a territorial mentor in the tab below. IBSER will grant you U$3.5 for each student who takes part of your node and enroll in one of our courses.

In order for us to identify which student is part of your node, you must guarantee that all your students enroll to our courses using your IBSER ID as mentor or using your own personalized link.

What is the IBSER ID?

It is the number that we use to organize the ECOS network, automatize payments, and keep secure our systems.

To register as a territorial mentor you must follow the next steps: