Global Data

Data is key for everything since management, optimization and marketing, to education and research. The tech revolution allow people and organizations today to get, organize, manage, interpret, and make decision from data at the lowest cost using tools such as big data, coding, and artificial intelligence. Decision making today can not be put in place in a competitive way without a smart usage of data. You do not need to be an engineer in order to get the best tools and advising about how to get and manage your data in a smart way. Global Data brings to everyone tools to rigorously monitoring and evaluate of social, economic and private investments made or close to be made. Now, you can also take advantage of the newest technologies and software available for efficient use of data at all levels. Global Data has specialists trained in the design of information systems and in the management of big data, artificial intelligence, data mining, the internet of things, experiments design, impact evaluation, and analytics.


Evaluation of programs and projects

Global Data provides three types of impact evaluation tools methods for programs and projects: ex ante evaluation that are carried out before the implementation of the program or project, concomitant evaluation that are follow-up evaluations that are made during the implementation, and impact evaluations in which qualitative and quantitative methods are combined to evaluate the impact of a policy or program once it has been implemented.

Design of social and environmental experiments

They are usually carried out before the implementation of the programs and projects and serve to approximate the effect that the investment will have so the company can improve their decision making process before investment and execution.

Information systems

Global Data provides mounting information systems whose function is to connect existing data in order to obtain real-time and connected information for decision-making.

Data management

Global Data takes advantage of the technologies and software developed in the world to transfer them to companies, governments, academia and the social sector in order to improve the management of internal and open data and thus have reliable tools for decision making at any level.