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Lots of people have achieve visibility, influence, and even financial gains due to their work on social networks. However, this achievement needs strategic thinking and planning. This course teaches you how to create effective digital strategies on social networks and how to produce audiovisual contents such as videos and photographs structured to go viral. Become in a digital leader!

Learn how to increase followers with successful study cases

Master the tools used by actual leaders in order to get more people to follow you

Use creative storytelling tools in order to foster engagement through images and videos

Let your ideas to be known by hundreds of thousands


1. Social media for leadership
  • Democratization of information and knowledge
  • Demagogy in the twentieth century
  • Citizenry, democracy and political power in social media
  • Psychographic study of target
  • Audience studies with technological tools
  • Platforms, social networks and marketing technologies
  • Audiovisual content and effective copywriting
  • 2. Strategies for growth and visibility
  • Strategic planning of digital marketing
  • Innovative digital marketing tools
  • Analysis cost / benefit of digital tools
  • Fixing objectives and funnel conversion
  • Projection of return on investment in digital marketing
  • Channels and forms of monetization on internet
  • Advertisment on Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
  • E-mailling
  • Increase visits to websites with SEO
  • Increase visits on YouTube with SEO
  • Introduction to the creation of websites with wordpress
  • Measure the performance with analytics
  • 3. Graphic design
  • Graphic design software
  • Diagramming and visual composition
  • Canvas
  • Semiótica and visual narrative
  • 4. Tools to produce videos with smartphone.
  • Video plans
  • Visual composition
  • Camera movements
  • Illumination
  • Stenography and art work
  • Sound
  • Formative narratives
  • Copyrights
  • 5. Editing videos with free software
  • Tools and technical aspects of editing software
  • Correction of image and sound
  • Video production
  • Narrative in postproduction
  • Sonorization and musicalization
  • Conversion tools
  • Tools and technical aspects of audacity
  • Free videos and music

  • Course features

    1. Start date the 4th of March of 2019 on the digital platform.
    2. It only costs U$20
    3. By registering you can receive digital information and gifts before the course starts

    The only course that teaches you how to manage your social networks and create your own content at the same time

    Meet the instructors

    Juan Sebastián Torres

    CEO on Wis Digital. Postgraduate studies in Strategic Management of Information Technology at the University of Toronto. Master of Science (M.Sc) in E-commerce at HEC / Université de Montréal

    Andrea Serna

    PhD student in Economics, Law and Institutions of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. Master in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources of the University of Copenhagen.

    Santiago Ospina

    Multimedia and audiovisual content designer from Antioquia University. Currently Contents Director of Global Education X.

    Santiago Jimenez

    Master of Natural Sciences and Math of the Pontificia Bolivariana University. Founder and CEO of AlPoniente.com

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