About us

About us

IBSER is a non for profit founded in 2010 as a knowledge transfer entity that aimed to create social change by collecting the best technologies and knowledge in the world and transferring them at the lowest cost possible into all sectors: social, public, private, and the academia.

After an evaluation in 201, IBSER found that knowledge transfer was not enough to create social change. This is why IBSER decides to strengthen its social strategy and becomes a social businesses incubator with the participation of communities.

This task is done throughout four main steps or strategies:

  1. Foster knowledge through massive high quality online courses at a lowest price that enable the poorest people for the challenges if the future of work and the new citizenry.
  2. Strengthen trust, teamwork, and empowerment inside communities throughout the ECOS network that allows solving social problems while learning.
  3. Once communities can work together and have the best knowledge available, IBSER includes the nodes of persons into its value chain of social enterprises including these nodes into its tech-based social businesses incubator process
  4. As a cross-cutting activity, IBSER organizes the New Economy seminar every year in order to to strengthen its international networks, and make transfer, appropriation, and execution of knowledge and technologies
Massive Online courses

IBSER is a leading part of Global University X (GuX) as a high quality and low cost online platform of graduate and undergraduate education. IBSER courses have the following guidelines:

  1. Focus in the XXI century skills needed for the future of work and the new citizenry
  2. All courses must have international experts and advisors with practical experience solving problems in each specific subject.
  3. Knowledge and skills provided must enable students to be part of a tech-based social enterprise in the future.
  4. Courses are organized in programs of up to two years
  5. Developed with all GesX technologies including active learning methodologies, legos configuration, evaluation according to the 21 century skills, and mentoring guides to execute the "City Campus" model.

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It is a network that allows students to apply the courses into their territories. This network is the heart of the City Campus model where the learning platform is not a closed university campus, nor a virtual platform, but the same territory where the problems really are and need to be solve. So, the City Campus is the foundation of our "learning by innovating" slogan that understands innovation as solving social problems of the territory.

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New Economy Seminar

Internet has been the only disruptive invention that has managed to impact the two evolutionary lines of man: the productive system and the technology associated with knowledge transmission systems; Nowadays it is not unusual to see how services that were considered possible through analog mechanisms are digitized; This shows that the way to be competitive and effective is no longer the same.

Digital evolution directly impacts social models, work distribution models and business models, to the extent that it determines and regulates the norms of market participation, social convergence and economic growth; thus becoming a topic of interest for the academic, governmental and private sphere. .

The New Economy seminar brings to Colombia the main exponents and protagonists of the fourth industrial revolution in both, the academic and the business level. The New Economy seminar is a space that aims to inform about the main challenges, risks, and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution as the foundation to propose ways to strength business, governments and society.

Target audiences:
  • Private sector
  • Public workers
  • Academic
  • Civil society

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Incubation of tech-based social enterprises

Technology allows companies to be scalable, competitive and global from the beginning. The promise of a bright future is now in the hands of disruptive companies that can bring opportunities to everyone. The incubating process of IBSER has six phases that every company has to meet in about five to seven years.

The companies that are already in this process are:

Global Education X: High quality education for the XXI century at the lowest price

Instituto Polis: Access to legal advice and defense to everyone

Global Data: Improving data systems, oversight and evaluation of public policies using big data and IA

Red de Fab Labs: Income generation and collaborative economy through digital manufacturing